5th Down and Long

Russell “Fraud” Westbrook

The choke artist strikes again! Russell Westbook has proven time after time that he cannot be the alpha on a basketball team (even when he shoots 40+ times in a close-out game).

With the season on the line Westbrook shot 18-43 from the field, and threw up 19 threes!  The stat sheet-stuffer only chipped in 5 assist in his season-ending performance. Hmm, interesting for a guy who has averaged a triple double over the last two years.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are now 3-8 in the playoffs without Kevin Durant, and ALL the blame should be placed on the ego-driven point guard. Over the series vs the Utah Jazz this past week, Russell Westbrook racked up 31 turnovers. Yikes. He didn’t have one game where he shot at least 50% from the field. Not exactly what I call “efficient”. Keep in mind he shot 39 shots in game 5, and 43 shots in games 6. Yikes again.

It is obvious why the 2nd best player in the league (Kevin Durant) left the Thunder. The “point guard” is the most difficult player in the leagues history to play with. Utah Jazz point guard Ricky Rubio constantly out played the so-called superstar during the 1st round of the playoffs. Donovan Mitchell for the Jazz looked like the only superstar on the court and he is a ROOKIE. Durant got a ring his first year apart from the ball-hog.

Need verification for my argument? Here is Durant’s confirmation via Instagram:DbgE-WAWkAAiIJK

All I am trying to say is, “don’t drink the Westbrook kool-aid”. He is a proven loser as well as a cry baby. Instead of taking ownership in his poor play in the game 6 self-destruction, he called on the NBA to check the Utah Jazz fans because they are “vulgar”. And you aren’t Westbrook? I have to turn down the volume on my TV when you play because all I hear are 4-letter words that aren’t what I would call “wholesome”.

He doesn’t make his team or teammates any better. Why do you think Paul George will leave 46 million big ones on the table and go to the Lakers? Why do you think Durant left? Why do you think that the Thunder can’t get out of the first round without the Slim Reaper aka Kevin Durant? The answer is Russell Westbrook.

He is a cancer to the NBA and constantly embodies selfishness and narcissism. Can we put Russell in Upward basketball for a year so he can rediscover what it means to be a “team player”? You won’t win with him and you WILL get out of the first round without him. Still glad you gave him that contract extension OKC?

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