5th Down and Long

Masters Mania: A Recap of Golf’s Biggest Week

Ladies and gentlemen, here we are. It is April 9th, and yesterday the sun set on Augusta National Golf Club. The stage that was set just days ago has officially been torn down, and while most of the golf world has returned to their mundane daily routine, I took the liberty of skipping ALL my classes today to recover from the madness that ensued this past week. I mean, who can watch Bubba Watson putt an eagle chance into a bunker and not need a full day to recuperate? This week has provided us with some… amusing story-lines to say the least. I invite you to take a stroll down the metaphorical, “Magnolia Lane” and reflect on the highs and lows from golf’s biggest week.

At the beginning of the week, everyone had high hopes for Tiger Woods. This man was coming off two top 5 finishes in the Arnold Palmer Invitational and Valspar Invitational, 5th and 2nd respectively. These impressive finishes were reflected in his odds to WIN the Masters, in which he was at 8:1. (Shocked? Me too.) Tiger ended up finishing T32 shooting an aggregate score of 289 (+1), winning the, “Biggest Disappointment Award” presented by none other than… me.

In other, more positive news, the young guns in the field did not disappoint this week. Patrick Reed, the man who now bears the green jacket, is only 27 years old. Not to mention the others who were in contention were not above the age of 29, and this includes Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, and Rory McIlroy. This goes to show that we have an era of young ins that are only going to look to make some history in the coming as years.

Now let’s talk about the last stretch on Sunday. Jordan Spieth showed exactly why he has dominated at Augusta the past 4 years. At 2 PM on Sunday, Jordan was 9 shots behind the lead Patrick Reed held and by 5:30 PM he was tied with the man. Between Jordan’s last 4 years at the Masters, we need to be grateful that he has had the collapses he’s had, because if not, the seen on the 18th green would look something like this…


Regarding the award that I gave out earlier about the biggest disappointment, Rory McIlroy takes runner up. Rory had the opportunity to finish the career grand slam, making him only the 6th player to accomplish this feat, putting him in very elite company. For those of you that don’t know, the grand slam is achieved when a player wins all four majors, which consists of The Masters, The U.S. Open, The Open, and The PGA Championship. The Masters title is the only one that has eluded Rory, and just when it seemed to be within reach, he let it slip. Rory shot a 74 (+2) on Sunday to shoot an aggregate score of 279 (-9).

This week has been a roller coaster ride, and one in which I am sad that has come to an end. It is always satisfying to see Sunday come to a close on a course that boasts a garden full of Magnolia’s, and not see a single player in the field Milly Rock (No really, I expected that to happen at least ten times this week). The golf elites have awarded a new face the title of Masters champion, and golf and sports fans alike stood by to watch. As I reflect on the week full of golf that I was able to have, 360 days does not seem too long to wait for another roller coaster.


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