5th Down and Long

Fortnite: The Demise of Professional Sports (as well as myself)

“Just one more game.”

Those are the words I think to myself after every round of Fortnite. I do not understand what gives me a craving/desire to build forts in a cartoon universe, but I love it. The game has taken off and is the hottest virtual activity on the market right now. People all across the country (from the ages of 10-32) are ignoring their responsibilities to play this incredible game, and I don’t blame them.

Big name athletes have already joined the game from JuJu Smith-Schuster, Gordon Hayward, Baker Mayfield, and many more. Just recently, JuJu shut down the internet by playing with Fortnite legend “Ninja”, musician Drake, and rapper Travis Scott. The video of them was streamed on an online gaming platform called twitch, and became the application’s most-watched video EVER.

After winning a game of Fortnite, JuJu was very honest with his fans:


Uh-oh. What if Fortnite took away one of the most exciting, young recivers in the NFL today? It is not a far out thought that JuJu would hang up the cleats for the joy-sticks.

Gordon Hayward may be destroying his family life due to this unstoppable epidemic. The Celtics forward was live streaming on twitch when a frustrated wife busted in:

Robyn Hayward – “How much longer are you playing?”

Gordon Hayward – “Uhhh, I don’t know. A little while longer.”

It gets worse. Hayward’s young daughter entered the room, and we all know that video games and babies don’t mix. After trying to be excited that his child was there to support Dad, Gordon piped up in a stern tone to address his daughter:

Charlie, you’re gonna make me die.

Imagine putting that burden on a child? The reason your father died in a game of Fortnite is because of you. Children that age cannot process the trauma of a Fortnite death, much less live with the guilt of being the reason your own father was eliminated from the game.

If Gordon can’t balance his family and Fortnite then how do you expect him to balance Fotnite and basketball? It just doesn’t make sense. Listen Gordon, I love watching you play basketball but I understand if you wanna step away from basketball to peruse Fotnite goals.

I guess this is what I am trying to say: Do not be surprised when the NFL and NBA are no longer relevant because all of the athletes are too busy playing the adrenaline-packed game, Fortnite.

Also, don’t be surprised if I drop out of college one month before graduation because of this life-changing movement.


Check out the Gordon Hayward video right here:  https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/976617070883430400

-Tristan Huggins (@thuggins_21)




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