5th Down and Long

Johnny Manziel: From Doom to Gloom to Doom?

Comeback SZN! Johnny “Football” Manziel has just recently re-established himself on social media to inform us that he is making a comeback. While some of us are thinking, “Are you drunk? that is insane” others are thinking, “The legend from College Station is back”.
Now as a 5’10 white guy, I always lived vicariously through the border line drug addict Heisman trophy winner. (Not because of the drug use, but because of the 5’10 white guy thing.) I use to think this this guy was the next big thing in the NFL, and boy was I wrong.
If you don’t recall, Johnny Manziel was drafted 22nd overall by the “Bad News Bears” of the National Football League, the Cleveland Browns. In one wild summer Cleveland sports fans couldn’t believe the dream that was unfolding right before their very eyes. LeBron had made it know to the world that he was “coming home”, the tribe had finally looked like a professional baseball team again, and the Brownies finally got their franchise QB.  Many deemed him to be the savior of the dumpster fire in Cleveland, and it seemed he just added gas to it.
Long story short, the 22 year old kid partied his way out of Cleveland and into unemployment. Manziel finished his career in Cleveland with a passer rating of 74.4, 7 TD’s, and 7 INT’s. Lets give the kid some credit though, he had to play for arguably (not really much to argue about) the worst football franchise off all time. Oh, and he also had to share a locker room with Josh Gordon. With no structure, and liver filled with alcohol, the kid never really had a chance.
In a recent interview with Barstool Sports “Pardon My Take” Johnny was asked about his time in Cleveland:

I never really gave Cleveland a chance. I felt like I had a sense of entitlement, like I was owed to be drafted higher or go somewhere I wanted to play, but in reality I had no control over that.

Hey, at least the guy was honest. After listening to the interview I was really convinced that Johnny has turned a new page in his life. He is now sober, working out 6 days a week, and is living on a golf course (because golf is the most mature thing a man can do).
It was made public this week that Johnny Manziel was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and that he has been seeking counseling regularly. He also announced on Wednesday that he will be playing in a spring football league in Austin Texas, that starts on March 28th, and ends on April 15th. The 4-game season will be the former Heisman Trophy winner’s first step to NFL redemption.
Say all you want, but I am rooting for the guy. I mean c’mon, this is a country of 2nd chances (unless your name is Donald Trump)! He will be coming back with more maturity, and a TON more tattoos. I will keep you guys updated on the “want to be frat star” so you guys don’t have to. We may even try to sponsor this comeback. So just know if you see Johnny Manziel on your Twitter timeline with a 5th Down and long t-shirt on, don’t be surprised.

Tristan Huggins (@thuggins_21)

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