5th Down and Long

Sports: The Great Equalizer

Sports is one of those things that can bring people together like a herd of cattle. A bunch of people crowded around one flat-screen television, screaming for their /athlete to pull out the victory. Now that’s hats the stuff you can take with you for ever. 30 years down the road you will be asking Frank at work if he remember when the Tom Brady came back beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl (too soon Falcons fans?). My life has been like waves of uncertainty and confusion, but God and sports have always been a comforting constant.
I remember being 8 years old and my parents literally having to restrict me from “T.V. time” because I was watching too much ESPN. The rule in the house was that I could not watch ESPN before 8 am, because my parents knew I had a problem. I would still find myself waking up at 5 am, just to hear what Stewart Scott and Scott Van Pelt had to say about the day in sports.
I was addicted.  I couldn’t get enough of the sports world. I wanted to know everything  that happened amongst every team and player. I quickly found out in 2nd grade that my friends wanted my insight.
My ego swelled as I became the sports “know it all”. I would give people lectures on why certain players were leaving their beloved franchise……. on the PLAYGROUND!  Now don’t get me wrong, I would tear kids up in some four square, but I was the sports wise guy at the same time. Any sports news that happened at my elementary school came from/through me.
My ego quickly deflated when I realized I was not that special, but my takes on sports kinda were! HAHA that may be a contradicting statement, but to me it was just the truth. “Average on the court, but special in opinions” quickly became my motto.
I don’t want to go through my whole life story, but no matter the circumstances sports was there for me. I could be going through the worst week of my life, but when I turn on a football/basketball game my perspective changed. I am sure you have something in your life that has got you though the darkest nights. Without the Lord first of all, and sports; I would be one lost puppy.
I have always been an average to above average athlete my whole life, but my IQ for sports is pretty high (unlike my IQ for school). Can they make a sporting section on the A.C.T. by the way? Anyways, I am willing to risk it all on the thing that has kept me sane for 22 years. Go ask any of my family members! They can only confirm what I am trying to tell you right now!
Sports has been my passion since I was a young boy, and I do not see that changing. Some of my most vivid memories as a boy were watching LeBron James, the Tennessee Tians, and the Tennessee Volunteers play. That may be an odd trio, but at least it will help you know where I am at with my sports takes.
Oh, and also I want you to know as you read this you should do so with a country twang. I am from the holler’s of Tennessee and I am not ashamed to admit it. My southern roots are something that I get ragged on now that I am in “Yankee Land”, but I still embrace it.
Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I love every single one of you. God Bless, and may 5th Down and Long prosper till the end of days!

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